Landmark Notes (L-Notes) are selected notes on the music staff that guide you to recognize other notes. They’re simply 15-second drills that get your note reading juices flowing.

From L-Note Levels, tap on this button ( … ) to see exactly where these notes are located on your keyboard. These popup sheets are provided by our friends at Sproutbeat.

Make sure your device’s microphone is enabled (at Settings), and that you’re playing in a quiet environment. Try to play staccato (short notes) and not too loudly. We find this touch to be most ideal for the app’s function. Make sure the device’s microphone is not covered. Because of natural differences among pianos, it may not always respond 100% of the time, but is continuously seeing updates and improvements. We’re experimenting with other instruments as well. Any specific issues, please state what type of instrument and which device you’re using, and email us. We’ll respond as soon as possible.

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The points simply tell you how many screens you passed that round. Contact us for a detailed
points to stars’ conversion chart. We’ll be happy to send it to you.

These levels require a bigger range than is practical for most devices. Playing on a real piano is the best way to learn! However, you can play V-Piano anywhere, even without WiFi. No other app lets you do that!

Yes and yes. But first, we need your support and your voice. Please email us your wishes and join our email list to be the first to know about exciting updates and new features.

To report bugs or provide feedback, click here and we’ll respond quickly, usually within 24 hours. Let us know how Note Quest is helping you with your early sight reading skills. Your reviews REALLY make a difference. Review us on the App Store now!

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