"Finally, there's an app that helps you learn to read notes by interval patterns!- 5-star review
"My student's sight reading has improved tremendously, thanks to this app!" - 5-star review

Designed by a seasoned piano educator, Note Quest was created around proven learning principles requested by teachers. It's the ONLY flash card app that not only focuses on single notes, but reading intervals - recognizing patterns on the staff.   It integrates learningnot just drilling. 

Great news! Note Quest has just been released to the AppStore with a fresh new design and functionality that you'll love. No other tool on the market has these capabilities in a little app. Download today! 

  • Real Piano Mode & Virtual Piano Mode: Practice at home or wherever you go!
  • Motivate and measure actual progress without a teacher present
  • 5 Unlocked Levels, from Middle C to an expansive, 4-octave range with flats & sharps
  • New Hint Button reveals the correct note - less guessing, more learning! 
  • New Interval Selector - targeted practice with interval patterns (2nds, 3rds, etc)
  • New Background Selector - choose from 5 cool scenes
  • Virtual keyboard with slider- your own portable keyboard
  • Top value! Less than the cost of paper flash cards, but you get so much more!