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“I’ve been looking for a flashcard app with intervals! I’ve finally found it!”  


“No more paper flashcards for us. This app does the work, and it’s way more fun!”


Designed by a piano educator, Note Quest was created with proven learning principles requested by teachers.

A new favorite among piano teachers and students, it’s a simple, fun flashcard app that will lead to better sight reading skills and less frustration for beginners learning piano.

Versatile. The app responds to you play your piano, or when you’re away, take Virtual Piano with you anywhere, even on a plane. Start at Landmark Notes if you’re a true beginner, then access 5 levels as needed without lockouts (paid version).

Smart design. The only flashcard app with an emphasis on intervals or 2-note patterns. This is the most natural bridge toward good sight reading skills. For beginners, start with a few selected Landmark notes, then the app gradually adds more notes with selected levels.

Top value. For around the same cost as traditional paper flashcards, you get much more. It helps you practice without a teacher present, like a practice buddy.

What’s unique about this app?

“How is this app different from other note recognition apps? Note Quest includes drills for reading intervals or two notes at a time – not just one!… a valuable tool!” – Leila Viss, of 88 Piano Keys, author of Understanding Intervals and iPad Piano Studio.

Note Quest is designed to be used by all ages. Its clean, simple design is suitable for all types of learning styles and abilities.


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