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“I’ve been looking for a flashcard app with intervals! I’ve finally found it!”  *****

“Outstanding piano app! It’s really helped my daughter to advance leaps and bounds,
especially with note reading. Highly recommend.” *****

“No more paper flashcards for us. This app does the work, and it’s way more fun!” *****

Designed by a piano educator, Note Quest was created with proven learning principles requested by teachers.

Great news!! Note Quest has just been released to the AppStore with a fresh new design and tons of new functionality that you’ll love. More customized practice to suit your needs. Whether you are a self-taught beginner, a piano student, a frustrated note reader, or an emerging sight reader, this app will help you to read with more confidence! Oh, and of course. It’s fun and motivating, too!

  • Real Piano & Virtual Piano Mode: Practice at home or wherever you go!

  • The only flashcard app with an emphasis on intervals!

  • New Hint button – more learning, less guessing

  • Landmark Notes and Interval Selector to practice skips/steps!

  • Background Selector – choose from 5 cool scenes

  • Grand Staff – Read from a treble and bass clef on every screen

  • Top value! Around the cost of paper flash cards, but you get so much more. Most importantly, your dog can’t eat it. It’s always handy.

What’s unique about this app?

“How is this app different from other note recognition apps? Note Quest includes drills for reading intervals or two notes at a time – not just one!” – Leila Viss, of 88PianoKeys Blog, author of Understanding Intervals and iPad Piano Studio

Note Quest is designed for all ages, children to adult. Its clean, simple design is suitable for all types of learning styles and abilities. 

Watch this student’s response.


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