For tips on overcoming sight reading pitfalls, and learn how Note Quest can help, watch this video tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Good news. You get to keep your upgrades – You’ll access these levels just as before, in Note Class (new name). On your first time opening the updated app, from the green “NoteFit Options” screen, click [Continue….] at the bottom. This will open up the app you know, and it will recognize you as a paid user. Upgrading to NoteFit (subscription) is completely optional.  

This could be a number of factors. Make sure your device’s microphone is enabled (settings) and play in a quiet room. If you have issues, please contact us with the screenshot if possible. You also have Virtual Piano and MIDI as alternate options. 

It’s Plug & Play. Connect your iPad using a USB-B cable to your keyboard’s MIDI output. Select Real Piano | MIDI, and you’re automatically connected (even if there’s no connection message). You can also enable Bluetooth MIDI. 

In Note Class, you’ll earn 1-3 stars and a Points score, based on the number of screens you passed. For a stress free practice, disable the timer by tapping the clock. (Score will not be counted). A detailed scoring logic per level can be provided upon request. 

In NoteFit, you’re rewarded for consistent practice, not perfection. Earn one badge per day of practice. 8 minutes of continuous practice or completion of 10 cards qualify as one day of practice, and earn a maximum of one badge per day. (Of course, practice more if you’d like!) The Badges Stats are accessible from the Levels Menu. After 5 badges, you get to unlock your free reward. Soon, we’ll have multi-user functionality. (Note Class already has multi-user functionality)   

To provide feedback or report a bug, please contact us first. We’ll respond quickly. If you have positive feedback, please support us by giving a quick rating or review on the App Store. This helps our exposure, and keeps us growing to serve you better. 

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