Note Quest

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First, learn how to overcome common pitfalls in learning to read music.

Then, watch how Note Quest helps you tackle them all, one by one!

Frequently Asked Questions

Good news. You get to keep your upgrades – You’ll access these levels just as before, in Note Class (new name). On your first time opening the updated app, from the green “NoteFit Options” screen, click [Continue….] at the bottom. This will open up the app you know, and it will recognize you as a paid user. Upgrading to NoteFit (subscription) is completely optional.  

This could be a number of factors. Make sure your device’s microphone is enabled (settings) and play in a quiet room. If you have issues, please contact us with the screenshot if possible. You also have Virtual Piano and MIDI as alternate options. 

It’s Plug & Play. Connect your iPad using a USB-B cable to your keyboard’s MIDI output. Select Real Piano | MIDI, and you’re automatically connected (even if there’s no connection message). You can also enable Bluetooth MIDI. 

In Note Class, you’ll earn 1-3 stars and a Points score, based on the number of screens you passed. For a stress free practice, disable the timer by tapping the clock. (Score will not be counted). A detailed scoring logic per level can be provided upon request. 

In NoteFit, you’re rewarded for consistent practice, not perfection. Earn one badge per day of practice. 8 minutes of continuous practice or completion of 10 cards qualify as one day of practice, and earn a maximum of one badge per day. (Of course, practice more if you’d like!) The Badges Stats are accessible from the Levels Menu. After 5 badges, you get to unlock your free reward. Soon, we’ll have multi-user functionality. (Note Class already has multi-user functionality)   

To provide feedback or report a bug, please contact us first. We’ll respond quickly. If you have positive feedback, please support us by giving a quick rating or review on the App Store. This helps our exposure, and keeps us growing to serve you better. 

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