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Note Quest...sets up students to not only improve their note reading, but to improve their sight-reading skills as well! Highly recommend!
Jennifer Foxx
Music Educator Resources
How can this app be different from other note recognition apps? Note Quest includes drills for reading intervals, or two notes at a time, not just one!
Leila Viss
88PianoKeys blog and author of Understanding Intervals
Thanks for creating such a practical app!
L. Livingston
Piano Professor

About Us

Note Quest was founded by a Grace Lee, a California-based piano teacher and mom of two young chidlren, with experience teaching students of all levels and settings, from middle school and high school, to teaching piano and theory at the college level……. Read More..


Stats Page:

Track High Scores for multi-users on one device..Swipe to email and share your Stats with a teacher or parent!

Interval Selector (Pro)

Get customized practice on 2nds and 3rds (Steps & Skips). Begins the round with Landmark Note connectors, then opens up all the other notes on the staff.

Point Counter:

Now track how many screens you've passed in real time during each round.

Hint Button

Reveals the correct notes. Use it to LEARN as you play!

Disable Timer

Simply tap the timer, and it will disappear for a pressure-free practice session.

Change User

Tap on User icon from levels menu to change users in one sitting

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