Grace Lee

Music has been a central part of Grace’s lifelong passion, throughout her education and career. After having studied piano since age 6, on her first day of middle school orchestra, she was handled a “huge” instrument, a cello. This began her a lifelong love of the cello and orchestral music. Further, she accredits her many years of playing in church settings for giving her a creative entry to ear training, composing, and improvising – since often, she wasn’t given the music. 

After completing double degrees in music, Grace taught in various educational settings early in her career – from teaching piano at Vanguard University and at OC School of the Arts, an acclaimed arts magnet school. However, her many years teaching from her private studio has been her sweet spot, because of the relational, individual interaction with students. 

After witnessing numerous students struggle with note recognition, she saw the shortcomings of existing materials as well as the limitations of students’ sight reading practice on their own. Soon after a move to Silicon Valley, she was inspired to start a “passion project” with this goal: to create a simple, pedagogically sound app that trains music and note reading with intervals. As an indie app founder, now she’s obsessed with making it better while reviving her composing muscles again. Grace is married, now living in Southern California with two fun kids at home who are also her main beta testers. 

Friends of Note Quest

We believe that when creative professionals come together, good things happen. Here are a few of our key collaborators.More to come! 

Dennis Alexander A leading composer of educational piano music, we’re delighted to collaborate with Dennis! Unlock his music in the rewards section of NoteFit. More of his music previews coming soon.  

Paula Dreyer is a passionate composer, performer, and improviser. Her rote pieces, from the Little Gems for Piano collections, are at the top of many teachers’ lists. In NoteFit, you’ll find previews of these gems, mostly in Level 5.

The Playful Piano Find Jennifer Boster’s creative, custom-designed activity pages as prizes in NoteFit, waiting to be unlocked! Click on the link to see her selection of delightful coloring books & activity sheets.

Tonara Not only is it the fastest-growing comprehensive app for music studio owners & their students, but they have a network of teachers worldwide, ready to teach you if you’re looking for a teacher. Our shared philosophy: apps are tools, not teachers. 

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