Note Quest

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About Us

Grace Lee

Grace H. Lee (B.M, M.A.) is an Educator and Founder of Note Quest App. In over twenty years of teaching, she has taught in various settings, from her private studio, a middle school music conservatory, to college settings teaching Group Piano and Music Theory as an adjunct. Outside of classical music, she also enjoys playing and improvising in pop & worship settings with a live band.  

Note Quest was created to solve a problem. As a piano teacher, she saw how many students experienced daily frustrations at the piano; however, traditional flash cards and books produced mixed results and were difficult to organize. This is how Note Quest was born.  

As a solo female app founder, Grace has uniquely bridged the worlds of music, piano pedagogy, and technology in hopes to make learning more thoughtful, effective, and fun. She has been featured as a guest on Leila Viss’ blog, 88 Piano Keys, Vibrant Music Teaching with Nicole Cantan, and has presented at the Tonara Expo Conference, Teach Music Online, and the Piano Parent Podcast. She lives in Southern California where her two kids are her #1 beta testers.