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About Note Quest

Note Quest was founded by a Grace Lee, a piano teacher who found herself living in an area, she never thought she would, Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. When looking for an app to help struggling piano students with their note reading skills, she was disappointed in the few options available in the app market. This spurred on the decision to create Note Quest, a groundbreaking, but simple flashcard app with a sound focus on piano learning principles for beginners.

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What’s new in Note Quest?

  • Complete redesign plus 5 new fun backgrounds to practice while going places! Classic screen is great for those with learning differences.

  • Hint button – Reveals the correct notes. Learn as you play if you’re not ready for complete drills yet.

  • Landmark Notes – For the beginning piano student, learn a few key Landmark Notes first, before drilling all the other notes on the staff. This level (4 sublevels) is free, then upgrade to get 5 times as many levels and notes, including intervals.

  • Interval Selector (Pro) – Now you get customized practice on intervals (steps and skips) To date, it’s impossible to find in any other app!