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Why doesn’t the app respond well when I’m playing my piano?

Assuming your device’s microphone is on, play staccato (short) and not too loudly. After much testing and experimentation, we find this touch is most ideal for the app’s responsiveness because of the natural aberrations of pitch on a piano. Make sure your device’s microphone is not covered, and that the room is quiet.

How is the score calculated?

You’ll earn 1-3 stars, depending on the number of screens you passed. 3 stars means your playing earned a smile from Beethoven and some applause!

Why can’t I play Level 4 or 5 in Virtual Piano Mode?

Levels 4-5 require a wider keyboard range than is practical for your mobile device. Practicing on a Real Piano is the best way to learn your instrument. However, V-Piano anywhere, even works in airplane mode – no other app lets you practice when you’re traveling!

How can I support Note Quest?

Note Quest started with a piano teacher’s dream, a wish list from some esteemed piano teachers, and created from scratch. Your reviews makes a big difference! Leave a review here. Advertising and partnership opportunities are also welcome. With some traction on iOS, an Android version is possibly next on the list!

Questions or issues? Please contact the Developer here. We take your comments and suggestions seriously. Let us know how Note Quest is helping you or your student with early sight reading skills!